Month: November 2014


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Over the last several years, I have decided that Thanksgiving is my new Favorite holiday. I don’t think I’m alone. I wonder how many of you reading this post feel the same way? Maybe my thinking this way means I am Finally OLD? Christmas was always my Favorite holiday in the past. I still LOVE Christmas but Thanksgiving is so much more peaceful. I like that Thanksgiving centers around Food and Family. And though I […]

Flying (simulated skydiving) while sailing at sea!

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Have you ever wanted to FLY? I have an older sister and an older brother (a younger brother too) who talked about their desire to Fly throughout the duration of their respective childhoods. I remember both of them Frequently recounting their vivid Flying dreams. I Felt deprived and was Fascinated at the same time because I never had those dreams. I pondered the possibility that their imaginations were much vaster than mine. I wondered if […]