Month: December 2014

FA… la la la, la la la la! Fifteen of my Favorite Holiday Musical Pieces

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This week I’m going to do yet another short and hopefully sweet post. Who has time this week? I have always thought the Christmas season and the last few weeks of the school year are the busiest times for us Moms. Does anyone else reading this agree? Since I am now down to about Five shopping days left until Christmas (and still not done) I have not had as much spare time to contemplate or […]

Fifteen Favorite stores (in the Galleria/Edina) For Holiday Presents

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As I write this, I am realizing there are only twelve shopping days left until Christmas. YIKES, Yes, I am somewhat panicking. I have a tremendous amount of shopping left to do. I was having writer’s block this week without a pre-conceived “F” word to speak about. By week’s end, I decided to simply set out on a small shopping excursion and Find some items I could showcase as holiday gift ideas. I decided to […]