Month: May 2015

F-iladelphia, F-ilanthropy, New Friends and Film

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Fill-Anthropy / films / Firsts

I just got home from a wonderful little foray traveling to a new land to me called Philadelphia.  I wasn’t sure why the city is called “The City of Brotherly Love” until I looked it up.  It’s derived from the greek word for Love/Phileo and Brother/Adelphos- Who knew?  No, really, I’d love to know if I am the only one who didn’t know the name itself means “Brotherly Love” in Greek? Here’s a link with […]

Family-Females-Four Kids…It’s Mother’s Day Weekend 2015…Fifteen quotes about Mothers!

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Family / Feeling

Happy Mother’s Day weekend 2015!!! I am giving a speech in the Philadelphia area next week as a survivor of sexual assault so have been all consumed in writing my story and the issues surrounding it. (WILL BE POSTING ABOUT IT ON NEXT WEEK’s BLOG.)  While in the process of writing the speech I recounted again, how fortunate I was to have a supportive family in the aftermath of surviving a brutal rape.  My Mom, […]