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Fashion / Fill-Anthropy

Happy Summer !!!

Now that school is out, it feels more like it has semi arrived. Thanks to all of you who read my post from last Friday and who made so many wonderful comments on FB about Marit’s 7 year survival anniversary.

This week’s posting is pure “Fluff and Puff” about one of my favorite subjects-FASHION!IMG_0291

I happened upon a new/old store last week that I am now hooked on. I’m saying new and old because the brand has been around since 1977.    I had definitely heard of the brand JMcLaughlin from “way back when” and knew it was a popular brand in Florida.  I just didn’t realize one had opened (a little over a year ago) in our own back yard of Edina in the Galleria.  Incidentally, I was told that the one of the founders (Kevin McLaughlin) is married to a woman who grew up in Edina.  Good for her/them for placing this preppy store right in the midst of “cake-eater” territory.  Sorry fellow Edina friends but some of us from Wayzata just can’t resist falling back upon calling out the old stereotype and friendly rivalry. For anyone living out of the area, the cake-eater reference means that Edina is known to be a bit more fancy/ flashy than other suburban areas around town.

Please click the link ABOVE to view the website.  It’s a good one.

I was told the women’s dress material was inspired by Catalina swimwear.  (See History of Catalina brand swimwear).

I was “lured in” to the store while walking past it, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted men’s swim trunks with lobsters on it.  (Lobsters are among my favorite summer “Looks”).  I felt compelled to look further.  Here are the Lobster swim trunks alongside the darling crabs trunks.  I was instantly intrigued.


Here’s an example of the many swim trunks that were on display:IMG_0284

The shorter swim trunks are what the Store manager claimed:  “So “JFK” !” I agree!IMG_0305

Hint hint, might these be a perfect Father’s Day Gift for the special man in your life? And while I’m on the subject of possible other gifts for Father’s Day take a look at some of the other merchandise I saw in the store.  See shirt example:IMG_0303

Note collar and cuff detailing and thread color around the top button.  The price is nice too.  $145.00

The there are the themed socks (Note Lobster and Crab-my faves!) and there is a large array of ties in the store as well:IMG_0310


I also noticed the nice looking sailcloth bag that is truly not gender specific.  These would be great grad gifts as well.  You can’t necessarily tell it from this picture but the sailcloth is thick and sturdy:IMG_0311


Ok,  enough about the menswear…after being successfully lured in by the Lobster trunks, and checked out the other “cute” mens stuff,  I got hooked on the women’s dresses.IMG_0314

Allow me to tell you a bit more about the benefits of the women’s dresses.  The material is super comfortable, apparently great in the very hot climates, washing and maintenance is easy, they travel well and are sensibly priced (range 150-250$).  Let me not forget to say that the colors and patterns are EXTRA adorable and the fit seemed ultra flattering too.  I scored by finding a  two-season black shirt dress on the clearance rack for $109. I tried on several more and LOVED each one.  Let me just confess that I didn’t leave the store empty handed!

Once I started trying on the dresses, I began to learn more about the brand, the merchandise, the store personnel etc. I always think my life is filled with coincidence upon coincidence.  As it turns out,  the store manager and the salesperson graduated from Wayzata (my high school alma mater).  It turns out the store manager (Judy) also lives in the same place I do now (Orono) and we know some of the same people. See Beautiful Judy in her J McLaughlin Dress below:IMG_0321

Through our conversation, I discovered the store occasionally hosts parties on behalf of charities where 15% of the purchased merchandise is given to the designated charity. Judy told me about an upcoming one of those store parties. It just so happens, the benefitting charity/ foundation is one formed by parents of a very good friend of my son’s who passed away  in December 2013.  Anyone reading from my area may wish to know about this and I hope you’ll come to the store on this evening.  Unfortunately, I’ll be out of town and will miss it. See invitation below:

edina SS evite 6-17 #2871-01

Equally coincidentally though, while researching the history and brand a bit further, I discovered via the J McLaughlin website that the company also supports causes helping children with cancer. They have St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital as one of their favored charities.

Knowing this just makes me want to shop J McLaughlin even more!!!   Nothing makes me happier than shopping at places whose personnel  care about and give to places with meaning to me.  Need I say more? I’m SOLD! This was definitely a great summer find!

This is a national brand and there are many stores throughout the country.  Here is a link to any of you reading who are not from the Minneapolis area and want to go check out the store nearest you:

Store Locations

Happy Hunting and Gathering and Finding and Summering and Fashioning!!!

Please share what you may already think and know about this brand or others you are fond of.  I’d love to know!




  1. Molly McCrea says

    Absolutely one of my favorites! Store manager Judy is amazing too. Never leave empty handed and always happy with what I have purchased. Thanks for sharing. Fluff is great some days:)

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