Fashionable Footwear! Fabulous and some of my Favorites. Shoes Glorious Shoes!!! Confessions by a shoe addict!!!

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It is no secret among my friends and family, I’m a “shoe addict”.  Yes, I LOVE shoes.  And I’m not going to  lie, I have a pretty wonderful collection that has grown throughout the decades. The thing is, I have a hard time getting rid of them too. I know I am not alone with my addiction.  (I always feel better, by the way, when I realize I’m not alone in my problems).  I googled “Shoe addict” and all kinds of articles, blogs, images appeared:




I have sentimental attachments to my clothes and shoes.    What can I say? I was born with a dominant clothes and shoe shopping gene.  I can remember looking forward to school starting as far back as early as kindergarten.  Guess one of the reasons why?   It meant I got to shop for, and get a new pair of shoes!  I can remember loving the smell of new shoes too.



It’s no surprise then, that among my shopping trips to various destinations, I end up in shoe departments quite often.

IMG_8637 Fortunately, shoe shopping is made even easier for me because I wear a size 6- which is usually the display size.  Often, I am able to easily and immediately try on shoes without needing to get a salesperson to help me.  I do have one BIG problem, however.  I have developed a reasonably sized bunion on my left foot.  (Thus requiring a size 6 1/2 shoe occasionally. To be honest, if it weren’t for that darn bunion, I actually measure as a size 5 1/2). As a side,  there a few things I’d like to mention re: these bunions.  One, contrary to what many people think, they are not caused by wearing pointy or ill fitting shoes.  (I wore white orthopedic-like shoes most of my career as a nurse while on my feet).  Bunions are hereditary in nature. (Thanks Mom :))!  Two, having a bunion does have one distinct advantage.  There are certain shoes that absolutely will not work for me, therefore, I don’t even need to be tempted by certain styles. (Example? Ballet flats). They simply don’t work for me. I am pretty darn good at hiding this bunion, too.



Bunion or no bunion,  and at my age,  I will no longer wear too thinly strappy heeled shoes either.  I have spent too many nights at events ending up in my bare feet from the straps cutting into them.

This Tuesday, I had a pair of pointy toe pumps (will always be a favored shoe of mine) to return at the Nordstrom shoe department.  I derived the inspiration for this blog there.  With the Nordstrom salespeople’s  permission, I snapped several pictures of shoes in an attempt to convey the latest spring shoe trends. I happened to frequent Target last evening and identified some of the same trends there.  It reinforces my belief that one does not need to shop “high end” to be perfectly in style.  So here are some of my favorite picks and trends with some ancillary commentary:


1.  Espadrilles: Yes, this is an old classic which is back in full force, all colors, heel heights and etc.





Target Version:


2. Retro Look (Chanel, Prada and Gucci vs. Target)




Target Version:


3. Gladiators (all the rage)




Target Version:


4. Tennis Shoes: Converse, Nikes, Vans




Target Versions:





My personal favorite: The old Jack Purcell’s [I’m pretty sure I came in second in the district in 6th grade for the long jump (that was one of the only athletic rewards I ever received) because I had on my brand new Jack Purcell’s].


My Other FAVORITES (and always trendy in my opinion)

5.The Classics: Gucci, Chanel, Sperry’s, Tassel Bass Weeguns, Plain pointy toe pumps in all brands, oxfords- to name a few:



LEAST FAVORITE SHOE of ALL: And surprisingly TRENDY- STOP THE MADNESS!!! Comfortable?  Yes!  Fashionable?  I do not think so!!!! And I could not believe the retail space at Nordstrom devoted to (in my humble opinion) the ugliest shoe on the planet.  How could they?  It seems this shoe is EVERYWHERE.  The J.Crew models are even sporting them. Presenting: THE BIRKENSTOCK:




The Target Versions:




Apologies to all of my friends and acquaintances who like/love this shoe. We are simply going to have to agree to disagree on this matter.  I have hated this shoe from the first day I became familiar with it when I lived in Berkeley, California in 1984.  I have had a hate affair with it for over 3o years.  Back in the 80’s it was (in my mind) the epitome of the anti-prep look which I was raised in.  Just last weekend, my own 16-year old daughter tried on a pair at the uber trendy Kitson store in Santa Monica.  She really wanted me to buy them for her.  I just COULDN’T pull the trigger! That said, I did slip my tired, old,  “bunion laden”  foot into one of them and I’ll admit, it certainly was comfortable.  Still, I just refuse to give in to this trend.  I have to draw the line somewhere and stay in sync with my opinions of yester-year.  This is an example of where the adage “Never say never” does not apply for me!!!

Okay-enough about this shoe!  What I’m super excited about this weekend is the “Lilly for Target” Collection that opens this weekend. (Lilly Pulitzer Collection).  I know where I will be early Sunday morning and perhaps part of the entire day on Sunday.  Now THAT’s something to shop for.  And I will NOT be pairing any Birkenstocks with my “Lilly Wear”!

Tell me, what do you think of “The Birks”?  It’s Ok, if your opinion differs from mine, we can still get along and be friends.  The bonus, if you’re a Birkenstock lover, you won’t have to worry that we’ll be at the same place with the same shoe on our feet :))).



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