bb_calloffthedogs“CALL OFF THE DOGS, THE HUNT IS OVER!”

While out shopping with one of my BFFs, and upon finding just “THE” thing-She uttered this phrase. I wanted to credit her but she refused, stating that Billy Crystal said it in the movie “When Harry Met Sally”. Therefore, I must give credit where credit is due. Should any of you wish to adopt that phrase, I think inserting a full New York accent (i.e. ovaaaaah versus over!) gives it the proper panache!

In this section I intend to place all of my fabulous bargains, spotted trends or miscellaneous wonderful items I find while out “hunting and gathering” or just out and about!!!

(Incidentally,  just in case you are wondering, the dogs ARE our family pets-aren’t they adorable? I admit I may be slightly biased).

SEPTEMBER 25th, 2014

While in NYC for Fall Fashion Week I identified three distinct fashion trends I’d like to highlight:


2. “Flappers”


3. Plaids

The appearance of flowers on all sorts of items continues-as evident in several Spring 2015 collections as well. Here are just a few examples: IMG_6090






2. “Flappers”- See September 25th, 2014 “F” Word Blog Post

crosbie plad




A Little Black Dress:

I placed this dress under the FASHION section but felt it truly needed a second placement in the FIND area.  I found it on clearance one day last spring for 29.00$ in an Anthropologie clearance rack.   The earrings are crystal and were purchased at C. Wonder Fall of 2013.


Fabulous Summer Finds:

Nothing quite thrills me like finding a terrific unique bargain like VINTAGE !!!

The aspect I like about shopping in vintage stores is that you are certain to find one of a kind pieces that no one else has.  Every once in a while, it’s fun to have some out of the ordinary piece that you may even be able to attach a good story to.

I was in shopping haven this past summer while exploring a few vintage stores in Boston and surrounding areas. Check out this Chanel Skirt that I purchased in a consignment store The Closet Inc.  for just $75.00 !!!




I happen to already own the pictured light cashmere wrap that matches this skirt perfectly with its striking aqua lining.  (The colors never seem to translate as well over the computer though).

I stopped by my favorite vintage clothes store in Minneapolis  VIA’S VINTAGE  just to see if I could find some fun jewelry to match the celery green/aqua lined skirt. These were my finds:


It doesn’t look like an exact match over the computer but it truly is stunning in natural light.  Now all I need is an occasion to wear it.  I cannot wait!

Nothing quite says summer like Lobsters and Lobster attire and accoutrements. COLLECTION PIECES: LOBSTER Vintage Dress- Closet Revival Newport, Rhode Island You may read more about Closet Revival in this blog site:

Complete with all accessories- I LOVE a LOBSTAHHHH THEME!


Lobster print Lilly Pulitzer children’s dress with framed little lobster tail


Lobster hat-LEES Market Westport, MA.IMG_5807

I-phonecase/bottle opener/brooch/ IMG_5701

Necklace/Flip Flops/Belt Buckle/Polo ShirtIMG_5809IMG_5700

And the piece de resistance: I found THE LOBSTER PLATTER in Kennebunkport, MAINE at an antique store YEARS ago!

Screen shot 2014-08-31 at 12.53.56 PM


  1. terra hinrichs says

    LOVE this!!!!! That maxi skirt is FABULOUS with that scarf and jewels!!! XX

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