Month: January 2015

Farewell to college First Born-“Fight on”! (University of Southern California) Fight Song

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Family / Feeling / Firsts

I’ve had a lot going on these last several weeks. I’m sure anyone reading this would also say the same!  Sometimes it definitely “Rains when it Pours”. For me, it was The Holidays, Followed by the Family Cruise, the St. Jude Red Carpet for Hope Gala, my Father hospitalized for double pneumonia for two weeks etc.  And just two days before the St. Jude Red Carpet For Hope Gala, we dropped our son off at […]

Fearful, Frightful, Furious Feelings regarding Forbidden Acts by one who now resides in a Federal prison-not sure I have Fully Forgiven even after twenty Four years?

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Ironically,  I found the above quote this week on my Pinterest account and felt compelled to include it in my post today.   This week is “rape week” for me.  Today, January 23rd,  is the anniversary of a brutal rape I endured 24 years ago tonight (1991).  The story in it’s entirety is long and complicated. Someday I intend to write ALL about it.  (I’m saving the details for a book).   Today, I hope […]