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I just got home from a wonderful little foray traveling to a new land to me called Philadelphia.  I wasn’t sure why the city is called “The City of Brotherly Love” until I looked it up.  It’s derived from the greek word for Love/Phileo and Brother/Adelphos- Who knew?  No, really, I’d love to know if I am the only one who didn’t know the name itself means “Brotherly Love” in Greek? Here’s a link with […]

Paradise FOUND!!! FASCINATING Sumba (Island in Indonesia)-My Favorite Foreign Land ever experienced

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I’m ecstatic to write about the utterly enchanting place I was fortunate enough to visit this past week for spring break. How am I going to adequately articulate the majesty of the place and people? I’d like to be honest and acknowledge that I wasn’t 100% enthused about making the journey across the world. I know that sounds absolutely terrible but I was a bit overwhelmed knowing I was going so far away. Also, I […]