Month: August 2015

FOUR eyes-Frustration with Faulty eyes-Fixed with Fashion!

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Fashion / Frustrations

I remember EXACTLY when “IT” began happening…It was in the middle of the night as I was fumbling for the children’s tylenol in the kitchen cupboard two houses ago.  I strained to read the dosage on the side of the container.  Of course, I should have had those doses committed to memory at that point as I was then a Mom of three small children.  That said, the nurse in me must have felt the […]

FORE!!!! Father, Foursomes, Fairways, Five-Irons (my Favorite club), Flag pins, Follow through, Form, Fitness, can be Frustrating and FUN with Friends and Family!

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  I am passionate about the game of golf despite rarely taking the time to play anymore.  It feels like a major time commitment and in my opinion,  unless you play at least 1-2x a week, you’re not going to be remotely decent let alone good!  It’s frustrating to me that when I play on occasion now, as you see via my score card from yesterday’s game, I pretty much STINK.  Still, I do LOVE […]