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IMG_6498I remember EXACTLY when “IT” began happening…It was in the middle of the night as I was fumbling for the children’s tylenol in the kitchen cupboard two houses ago.  I strained to read the dosage on the side of the container.  Of course, I should have had those doses committed to memory at that point as I was then a Mom of three small children.  That said, the nurse in me must have felt the need to check and re-check the dose before administering so as not to commit an egregious “med error”.

I couldn’t get the light bright enough in the kitchen and I couldn’t extend my arm far enough to read the print! I muttered to myself that the printing on these containers must have changed and become ridiculously smaller recently, never assuming it was my changing eyes to blame.  During roughly the same time, I recall driving in the car with my Mom, looking in the car mirror, showing and telling her that I used to notice when I was tired that one of my eye lids drooped a bit. (I remember being a teenager and having both the time and inclination to stare in the mirror at my face and note EVERY SINGLE imperfection-I probably tried to note and count every freckle too.  Fortunately, half the time I can’t even see my face well enough anymore (without the magnifying mirror) so I can’t be as critical) I then told her I was noticing that BOTH eyelids were seemingly drooping all the time at that point in time.  I remember asking her and saying:  “Do you think motherhood has made me THIS exhausted?  I feel like I’m getting enough sleep!”  She replied gently “No honey, it’s called AGING!”  Yikes-why on top of failing vision, did I have to deal with droopy eyelids too? DOUBLE WHAMMY!  Incidentally my Mom has no drooping eyelids-anatomically she has round, big eyes.  Evidently, I got my Dad’s genes on the eyelid thing. ( I could imagine a possible eyelid nip and tuck in the not too distant future.)

I had 20/20 vision my entire life up until the dreaded 40’s…then “IT” happened, the slow deterioration.  My life and my need for “cheaters”  began and thus the accessorization of glasses commenced as well.  For me, it was simply a new addition to the accessorization of a wardrobe:IMG_6516Clearly, accessorization with reading glasses,  is not the case for everyone.  One specific interaction from a few years back comes to mind.  I was in a local shop whereupon I ran into an acquaintance of mine.  Yes, I am going to stick with the title acquaintance for several reasons. We engaged in a conversation while she gave me the distinctive “Once Over” look.  Definitely, it was the completely obvious look.  She started at the top of my head, then slowly moved her eyes to the bottom of my feet and back again.  (Really, I ask you, is there a feeling any more uncomfortable than that?  I felt as though I was being analyzed in the most critical and disparaging way!)   After the “once over” was completed, she commented in an an extremely “beachy” tone:  “Oh my gosh, do you ACTUALLY match your glasses with your outfits?”  My reply (in an attempted most cool and nonchalant manner): “But of course!” As if to imply “Who doesn’t?”

What can I say? I can’t help myself.  It feels automatic to me.  If you’re going to wear a certain color, aren’t you going to try to match your shoes, your accessories etc. ?  Apparently this sort of thing isn’t top of mind for everyone.

So…call me obsessive, attentive to detail, fashion conscious….(I’ve been called worse, I’m certain).  I still intend to match my cheaters with my outfits for as long as I need them-and this may, in fact, be a long time. A small sampling of my cheater collection:IMG_6524

I like the spendy EyeBobs brand a lot.  Incidentally they are from good old Minnesota. You may read more about the brand and reach the website via the link below:IMG_6500

But I also really like the lightweight velvet ones because they are comfortable and also serve the dual purpose of a headband better because the velvet keeps the hair out of my face better.

So there you have my two cents worth of four eyes fashion!

Does anyone care to comment on their own favorite glasses styles or opinions on matching their glasses with their outfits?  I would LOVE to read about your thoughts and opinions with the help of my glasses that match my outfit, of course!


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  1. Connie Soteropulos says

    Amen, sister.
    I have a wardrobe of specs, although mine have been with me because I can’t see far away…
    I used to by frames when on vacation or on business trips to Asia and Europe. Other people brought home souvenirs. I brought home new glasses.

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