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October has been deemed breast cancer awareness month.  Most of us are aware of this. (Especially we women). It has not been as acutely relevant to me until this year. I believed I was fairly well educated on the topic of breast cancer until this past week.  Since then, I have read and learned a lot more.  I have found information out there both confusing and conflicting.  This is not a blog post intended to […]

Fear and Faith

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I’ve decided that I will do a 2-part Friday posting.  I want to write about my thoughts and feelings PRE St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital visit and hopefully write about good news and the experience POST St. Jude visit. Today, I want to write about Fear and Faith since I currently have pre-visit “scanxiety”.  “Scanxiety” is a relatively new term some people use to describe the associated anxiety of undergoing MRI scans and waiting for […]