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Five Favorite Friends go see Fifty Shades of Grey Film-Filled with Fantasies, Fetishes, Flirtation and “Forbidden”? sex acts

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Written Thursday, February 12th I just returned a while ago from the movie theater whereupon I saw the new film “Fifty Shades of Grey”.  One of my BFF’s pre-purchased tickets early this week.  For some reason, we thought the theater was going to be jam packed.  It was not.  Maybe it’s because the the temperature here in Minneapolis was a whopping 9 degrees on yet another blustery February night? We arrived at the theater clad […]

A F-enomenal Weekend!

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It was a F-enomenal weekend.  How fitting that my first blog contains content that falls under many “F” headings.  Family/Friends/Former colleagues/FAIR (Minnesota State)/Fireworks too. Let me preface by stating that I HATE Labor Day weekend.  Yes, I truly do.  Traditionally it officially marks the end of summer.  It DEPRESSES me.  It’s not that Fall is such a bad time of year, it’s just that summer is one of my favorite seasons.  Those of us living […]