Month: July 2015

Fear and Faith

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faith / Fear

I’ve decided that I will do a 2-part Friday posting.  I want to write about my thoughts and feelings PRE St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital visit and hopefully write about good news and the experience POST St. Jude visit. Today, I want to write about Fear and Faith since I currently have pre-visit “scanxiety”.  “Scanxiety” is a relatively new term some people use to describe the associated anxiety of undergoing MRI scans and waiting for […]

Fireworks and the Fourth of July!

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Given that it’s Friday before the Fourth of July, I decided to highlight FIREWORKS and the FOURTH, of July.  I did a little bit of research and found quite a bit of history on fireworks in general.  Did you know they existed in some form as far back as 200 BC? History tells us they were invented in China and have been used extensively for aesthetic, cultural and religious purposes. I learned that John Adams […]