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Farewell to college First Born-“Fight on”! (University of Southern California) Fight Song

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I’ve had a lot going on these last several weeks. I’m sure anyone reading this would also say the same! ¬†Sometimes it definitely “Rains when it Pours”. For me, it was The Holidays, Followed by the Family Cruise, the St. Jude Red Carpet for Hope Gala, my Father hospitalized for double pneumonia for two weeks etc. ¬†And just two days before the St. Jude Red Carpet For Hope Gala, we dropped our son off at […]

Flying (simulated skydiving) while sailing at sea!

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Have you ever wanted to FLY? I have an older sister and an older brother (a younger brother too) who talked about their desire to Fly throughout the duration of their respective childhoods. I remember both of them Frequently recounting their vivid Flying dreams. I Felt deprived and was Fascinated at the same time because I never had those dreams. I pondered the possibility that their imaginations were much vaster than mine. I wondered if […]