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I just got home from a wonderful little foray traveling to a new land to me called Philadelphia.  I wasn’t sure why the city is called “The City of Brotherly Love” until I looked it up.  It’s derived from the greek word for Love/Phileo and Brother/Adelphos- Who knew?  No, really, I’d love to know if I am the only one who didn’t know the name itself means “Brotherly Love” in Greek?

Here’s a link with a quick overview of Philadelphia:



I was asked several months ago if I would be willing to tell my survivor story for the greater Philadelphia Area Hadassah Organization’s Education Day.   I enthusiastically accepted and thoroughly enjoyed writing and delivering my speech.  I am willing to share both my speech and coinciding visuals privately upon request. FB message me or email me.




Additionally, I was able to show a 4″ trailer for the film “Brave Miss World” within my speech.  I am so proud to have an association with this film.  I believe a 4″ trailer is imbedded in the link below.  The film streams via Netflix.  This film is truly remarkable and it’s a wonderful way to get people talking about (and hopefully on board to help solve)  the issues associated with sexual assault. I just really wish everyone would watch this brilliant film.


I was so impressed with the group of women at the Hadassah conference. It was truly an honor to have the opportunity to speak there and to meet some of these amazing women!  They were truly compassionate, kind, caring, dynamic and I absolutely applaud their organizational message: Hadassah-The power of women who DO!!!  See LINK Below re: the Organization:




Several of the wonderful women I met from the Greater Philadelphia Area Hadassah Organization-Conference leaders and speakers!

There was another speaker besides me who talked about her experience as a women who fell victim to being in a human traffic situation for 18 months.  Wow, what an eye opening issue that I have been completely oblivious to. Her story was so powerful, so scary and this problem in our country is so deserving of more attention and solutions.  If anyone cares to read more about the Sun Gate Foundation (Shamere is the current CEO of that organization) which helps human trafficking survivors and the incredible story of Shamere McKenzie, here are two links:


Me with Brave Survivor-Shamere



Finally, after the conference, I was able to go to the city of Philadelphia and get a few hours to explore a bit of this beautiful and historic city I had never been in before!  I loved it.  Here are some pictures:



IMG_9498Liberty Bell


IMG_9624IMG_9667Home of Betsy Ross

IMG_9707Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

IMG_9651Elfreth’s Alley


I most certainly enjoyed this opportunity!!!  I will look forward to another trip to “Philly” some day (I hope) and more importantly to staying in touch with some amazing women from that area!


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  1. Berit, thank you for this powerful post, and for using your voice to make sure that survivors everywhere know that they are not alone. When you speak up, it encourages others to to seek help and begin to heal. We’re honored that you are part of Brave Miss World and using our trailer to spend awareness. Congratulations beautiful #IAmBrave Berit!

    Cecilia Peck
    Director/Producer: Brave Miss World

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