Farewell, Finale, Finally a Finish to my Friday “F” Words for now. I may be Feeling Forlorn but hoping the Future will be Full of other blog possibilities!

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Dear Berit’s Bits Blog Readers,

(I intended to post this yesterday-Friday, but alas, time got away from me..)

Today I have decided to Finally end my weekly Friday “F” Word blogs. imagesUnknown-3images-11images-7Unknown-1I have officially posted 53 blogs and according to my web statistics as of this afternoon, I have had 12,380 views over the past 50+ weeks.images-5

Although I was not “discovered” as a brilliant writer (as I’d secretly fantasized) at least if offered me the exercise in discipline to do what I ultimately wish to accomplish by writing a book or two.  Additionally, I met my own goal of posting 50 (I think 54 to be exact counting this one) something blog posts and I’m pleased to have met my personal goal of doing so.images-6

I am not shutting down my blog completely.  I now hope to post when the spirit or some other source moves me to write when I feel so compelled.  I am not opposed to continue on my “F” theme, I just don’t want to be tied to an every week commitment any longer.images-4

Thank you so much for your readership and comments over the many weeks.  I hope to keep your readership even if I only post occasionally from now on….I’m looking forward to posting again when the time feels right!!! Farewell until then….images-4






  1. sue day says

    I really enjoyed the weekly updates. On to the next thing? Im sure! Miss you! Xoxoxo

  2. Kim Hazel says

    Congratulations on reaching your goal! You done good, girlfriend! 🙂 Please keep writing, you have a gift!

    So sorry to hear about your sister. I will be praying for a quick and full recovery! Let’s get together soon


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