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I’m writing from FRANCE.  Therefore, this is going to to be a quick blog post with just a Few F-OTOs this Friday. More next week when I recover from Frequent travels via Flights, train and Feet. Also will need to “recover” from too much Food overall (but particularly French bread and Fromage).

My week started in NYC.  I got an impressive tour of the mostly renovated and December 2014 re-opening Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum.  That evening I attended a dinner honoring my husband’s work with the “Friends in Deed Organization”: Note picture of Former Target Colleagues now wonderful Friends!

IMG_6945From NYC to LONDON for a quick one night and two day stay.  Just enough time to do a little sight seeing, window shopping and to get a run done in Hyde Park.





From there, a brief train trip via the chunnel tunnel to Paris.  One of my Favorite cities in the world.  Thus far, my Finds in France include a Fabulous new Fur and have surveyed a lot of Fine, French Fashion.  I always enjoy seeing the phenomenal architecture along with experiencing the French culture.






Have had my Fill of Fois gras, Fromage, and Framboise while Floating on the Seine this evening.



Tomorrow I get to visit the French Flea market for the third time.  If I acquire many more Finds this trip, I will be (pardon my French) “effed” when I attempt to close my luggage….So I will bid a Fond Farewell to France until good Fortune may bring my return?!


  1. Kris Holtmeyer says

    Fantastic, Berit! Sounds like frequent shopping trips and an abundance of fun finds! Fabulous French cuisine is a favorite. Sounds like you have many fond memories of France. Enjoy your flight(s)! ✈️


  2. Paris is one of my favorite cities too. You two look great on the Seine and there is something magical about the Eifel tower lit at night. I have never been to the Paris Flea Markets but really hope to someday. Don’t worry about your suitcase, you can always have things shipped. Thanks for including all the photos in your post. What a week!

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